Pokemon: Darker Side of Reality

blah @ March 10th, 2009, 7:31 am

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So, this is where I will be placing MacSimon, and my own, rants and quirks, and information about upcoming contests and such. I am really hoping the we will have a wide array of fans this year.

S4cr3dcreator is the artist of this comic. He is a High School Senior from Missouri, United States, and plans on attending college in the fall at PSU. Upon completion of his four years, he will be applying for a job at Blizzard Entertainment Gaming Company.

MacSimon is the writer of this comic, and threw his dark twisted mind, this alternate reality is being formed. He lives in South America, where the seasons are opposite, and he enjoys reading deep books. (This is as much as S4cr3dcreator has gathered on him so far...)